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The Ultimate Desert Challenge supports a wide range of initiatives to protect the environment and cultural heritage of the areas where it is held.

Every aspect of the UDC in Bikaner has been planned in full collaboration with government authorities. Our recce team identifies ecologically-sensitive areas,which are left entirely off-limits to the main event traffic.

We have institutionalized an ‘UDC Environment Charter’, which is mandatory to be signed by all competitors, support-teams, competition officials, registered spectators, media, as well as members of the Team Dune Adventure Sports Club (DASC). By confirming to Environment Charter, the signatories agree that they will indulge in no such activity that could directly or indirectly harm the environment or tamper with the ecological balance of the region. Our organizing team will work towards ensuring that all signatories comply with the charter. Violations incur penalties and/or disqualification.


Keeping all competitors, members of the public and accreditation holders safe is the main concern of the organizers. Extreme off-road sport adventures involve risks, and the UDC is no exception. The organisers spare no expense or effort to mitigate these risks. All safety processes are reviewed and optimized every year. Ultimate Desert Challenge is conducted in line with standard framework for ensuring competitors’ safety and under the watchful eyes of appointed Safety Marshalls

The strict adherence to rules and safety guidelines, and controlled speeds owing to the format of the competition contribute to the safety environment at UDC. In case of an untoward incident, emergency services including a fully equipped Ambulance, fire extinguishers and supervisors across the tracks are available to help at all times.


As a competition that is being organized and conceptualized by locals, Ultimate Desert Challenge pays special attention towards contributing towards the local economy. Most of the competition material is sourced entirely from local vendors. Touring adventurers, competitors and spectators further contribute to the local industry.

Motorsport activity brings sizeable traction, economic prosperity, and international recognition to the place where it’s organized. Ultimate Desert Challenge has also contributed towards bringing Bikaner to the international map of desert off-roading.